Help your sagging eyelids.

Skin loses its tone and elasticity because of the loss of collagen and elastin. The eyelids begin to sag or the correct term for this is ptosis. Skin ageing is one of the biggest reasons or ptosis. In younger people, this can be seen due to hereditary factors. The upper lid falls over the eyes making you look older than you are. The Internet does prove a lot of remedies to treat this issue, but not all of them are promising. Never waste money and time on “pills”.

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Let’s look at some ways of treatment like masks and massages to treat this. Let’s look at a very efficient remedy. Scroll on!

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A protein- collagen provides elasticity and shape to the skin. It’s responsible for the renewal of skin, and a deficiency can cause premature ageing and drooping lids. Let’s talk of making an egg mask to restore some protein. Sagging skin can be treated with egg whites.

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It’s a very easy mask. It has no costs, and no professional equipment is required. Cleanse the makeup and excess oil before using this method. The skin will be completely ready to take in all the nourishments now.

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Break and egg and separate the whites. Apply the protein to the eyelids using a cotton pad. Be cautious of the egg entering the eye. Rinse with water, if there is any contact. Wait for the protein to dry up after the application of the protein. Wash the skin away with water. The skin will start looking tight and fresh with regular application in no time!

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