Hilariously Smart.

  • Reuse that rotten apple.

Mac product needs a little help. Well, take that apple and tape it up. Even Apple would be stunned.

Hilariously Smart. 1

  • Mobile has its new definition.

I guess the laptop makers did not think it through. This guy right here has to work on the go and so here we have a portable system.

Hilariously Smart. 2

  • Super Intelligent or Super Dirty?

I am sure the first thing you notice is the superb innovative idea. But if you are one of those eating those sausages you must be that praying he has cleaned up the rack really well.

Hilariously Smart. 3

  • No more space in the refrigerator?

The beer bottles couldn’t have found a better home than this.

Hilariously Smart. 4

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