Home remedies for great skin.

Home remedies for great skin. 1

We all want our creams and lotions, serums to work like magic for our face and hair. There are things that you can find in simple grocery stores to do wonders for your skin and hair. We should take care of ourselves day and night, eat correctly and avoid exposure to harmful factors that can affect the body. Beauty products help improve various issues and problems, but only to an extent. Let’s look at some simple and cheaper ways to look prettier and prevent any issues. Credit: Pixabay

  1. Take 500 mg of water and add lemon pieces. Heat this up and add few essential oils. Spray this mix on the hair to smoothen the hair to straighten it.Credit: Pixabay
  2. For 20 minutes,  apply egg whites. The mask makes the skin tighter. After the first mask, you would see positive results.Credit: Pixabay
  3. If your eyes look puffy- add water, rosewater, honey into a bowl and dunk your eyes for a couple of minutes.Credit: Pixabay
  4. Dry shampoo is good when you need to wash your hair but has no time. Take arrowroot powder and lavender oil to it, to make hair look better.
  5. Combine yoghurt with granulated sugar to make a scrub for the face. This will balance out the oily skin.
  6. For dry skin, mix papaya with honey and oatmeal. It will make the skin look hydrated instantly.Credit: Pixabay
  7. Freeze green tea bags and put them under the eyes in the morning to treat puffy eyes.



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