How can you avoid washing your hair often?

We often feel the need to wash our hair as and when it starts looking oily.  Even though it makes her hair look clean, washing it often is actually harmful.

This is because our hair produces some natural oil which is good for it when it’s not being washed for quite some time. The oils help moisturise the scalp, nourishes the hair and keeps the hair strands healthy. It implies that we should wash our hair a little lesser than we normally do.

Washing hair more often can actually give rise to forming of these oils more often. The follicles of our hair are stimulated when we wash our hair and hence more oil is produced. Here are some ways which can surely help this situation:


1) Some products might help nourish damaged hair; it’s actually important to note how much of this product is actually being put into your scalp. Using too much hair oil and masks for hair can weigh down the hair making it look worn out faster.

2) Brush your hair less often. It causes the follicles to become stimulated and produces oil. Instead of a paddle brush, a comb is preferable. Avoid touching your hair several times.

3) Why do we avoid touching our hair? Touching can simulate the follicles to produce oil.

4) Instead of washing it when hair starts to look oily, try putting it into an updo or messy bun. This will help preserve the hair before it becomes completely oily. Use less of tools and styling products to keep your hair cleaner than ever.

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5) Cut down the temperate of the tools you use for styling. A dryer, curling iron or a straightener too, in fact, can cause hair to produce natural oils to protect the scalp skin.

6) For peeling off stubborn dirt and dead skin, use good hair scrubs. They also help strengthen the strands and promote growth. These could be bought at any beauty store or at a druggist. You could also go for homemade scrubs.

7) Change your pillow covers more often as they usually are a breeding ground for dirt from face and hair. Change them on a weekly basis or wash them timely.

8) To protect your hair from cold and heat, wear hats in summers and winters. These extreme temperatures can make your skin produce sebum to protect it which makes the hair roots greasy. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page

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