How do you straighten your hair without damaging it?

We have mood drifts due to which we need different hairstyles all the time. SO many of us do want to know whether its possible to keep switching between different kinds of hairdos as and when desired. You need to use creams and masks to make the hair look smooth and sleek. The oils in the hair, in fact, help to make the curls straight and shiny.Here, we are going to talk about masks that will help you achieve temporary results, that too at your home! No, you don’t have to iron your hair at home, there are natural remedies for this. So anyone who is looking for beautifully smooth hair should get the ingredients listed below right away!

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Mix castor, olive and burdock oil proportionally and heat this. Distribute it evenly along the entire length of the hair and leave this mask on for 40 minutes. Always wear a warmed hood. Don’t flush out the tool to avoid complications. You might have to wash the hair later with a three-fold shampoo. For rinsing, you can try using a litre of non-corrosive water which is acidified with lemon juice.

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An olive mask is a great option to straighten out the hair. You will need enamelware, and you have to warm it in 3 spoons of butter. Apply this to the waves along the hair and the length. Rap your head with a thin film wrap and then mask it with a towel. This works great if you do it in the night and then wash it thoroughly in the morning. Wash the hair with shampoo and rinse with fresh cold water.

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This mask consists of apple cider vinegar. So here’s a recipe. Mix two spoons of vinegar with one spoon of olive or almond oil. Put this mix into two small spoons of warm water into a bowl. Distribute the mix well along the length f the hair and let it stay for forty minutes. Wash it off with a regular shampoo.

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Do try these mask out to keep your hair smooth and straight. All ingredients are readily available at most stores. Try these out and let us know how your hair felt. We are sure that your hair would thank you for it!

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