How the order of birth affects your personality.

Have you heard parents complaining about their last child being too dependent and how the first one is dominating? The birth order does affect your IQ to an extent.
Let’s have a look at the theory:
Alfred Adler who was an Austrian physicist talked about this theory the first. The order in which a child is born can leave a lasting effect on the way he or she will go about his life.
Read on to know more about this theory!

1. The First-Born Child

This child has spent the most time with parents or at least till the second child has come along. They are generally caring and responsible in nature as they have helped their parents raise his or her sibling. They develop leadership qualities too and become power-oriented. They are often seen taking initiative.

They are reliable, structured, cautious and are achievers.

2. The Middle Child

This one ends up being an ambitious child and surpasses the elder one. And no, it isn’t selfish. They do it all to bring peace to the family. They end up pleasing the crowd to become popular. They know how to tackle the adverse conditions, smoothly.

If you are a middle child, you are a rebel. You love friendships and are very social.

3. The Last Born Child

The youngest one is pampered by the siblings and parents which makes them more dependant on them. They do have a lot of motivation to surpass their elder siblings, however. The best performers are the last born ones and they do tend to be a little irresponsible at times.

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The youngest child is fun-loving, can be manipulative and loves seeking attention.

4. The Only Child

The only child can be self-centred and selfish as they would always be the centre of the family. They want others to back off and gave way to their demands. They can be dependent and selfish. They could have difficulties while mingling with the people of the same age group, sometimes.

The only child matures quickly. He wants to be a perfectionist in all that he does. He loves being a leader and is diligent too.

How is it affecting the IQ?

Based on research, elder ones perform better than the younger when it comes to intelligence. The birth order doesn’t affect the imaginative aspect of an individual. Also, the studies are not taking into consideration the backgrounds of both parents- be it culture, emotional stability, so on and so forth.

The way the parents would talk with the children and raise them would have the greatest impact on them. The youngest one can turn out to be the responsible one if the parents have interacted with him or her on these topics right from the tender age.

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