How to grow thicker and attractive eyebrows

How to grow thicker and attractive eyebrows 1

Hey, you beautiful ladies out there! Hope you are doing great. Well, today lets discuss how to grow thicker eyebrows. Not every single woman is blessed with thicker eyebrows. I guess I am one of them. Some tend to lose it with age, some, due to medical conditions and some lose it with an improper cosmetic application and over-plucking. Well not to worry because I have come up with natural remedies that could help you have eyebrows to die for.

How to grow thicker and attractive eyebrows 2

  1. Castor Oil

Trust me, ladies, castor oil works wonders. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to stimulate your eyebrow growth and make them look dense and attractive.  The secret is that it contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants that promote hair growth making you look bold and beautiful.

Application: Pour a considerable amount of castor oil in a small bowl and with the help of the tip of your finger or a cotton ball apply it on your eyebrows. Massage and let the oil get absorbed deep. Let it stay for hours and then remove it with a towel. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

How to grow thicker and attractive eyebrows 3

2) Coconut Oil

Our great grandmothers have used coconut oil and it continues to hold a significant place when it comes to our daily hair care routine. A crucial point to be noted here is that it not only prevents hair fall but also stimulates hair growth. Coconut oil contains proteins and Vitamin E and promotes eyebrow growth making them look dense and darker.

Application: Take some coconut oil in a bowl and apply it on your eyebrows with the tip of your finger. Make sure you do it gently. Let it stay overnight or at least 30 minutes before you wipe it off. Repeat this every day to see useful results within a month.

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How to grow thicker and attractive eyebrows 4

3) Olive Oil

Olive oil is easily available in the market and is one of the most effective remedies for thin eyebrows. It is rich in Vitamin E that would help your eyebrows look dark and attractive.

Application: Take some olive oil in a bowl and massage it well before you go to bed. Leave it overnight and wash off in the morning with warm water. You could also add some honey to it for better results.


I hope these tips will help you get beautiful eyebrows in no time. Good luck.