How you can use a spoon as a makeup instrument

Let’s see what a little spoon can do to your beauty.

You can use the spoon in making winged eyeliner.

The curvy side of the spoon can make perfect cat eyeliner.

Mix 2-3 drops of alcohol in the broken eyeshadow to find a new.

Add gloss to the broken eyeshadow. It will be converted to a new shade of lip gloss.

Spoon helps to have a good shape of your eyebrows.

If you have eye bags, keep the spoon in the freezer then put on the eye bag.

You can curl your eyelashes with the spoon.

Put the spoon in the hot water then apply on the mosquito bite. You will get relief.

Spoon can give the perfect cheeks shades.

You can mix two nail paints to have new with your little spoon.

While applying mascara your spoon works as a shield.

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