How You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

There are various methodologies through which you can get to know about a person’s hidden persona. From studying the lines on their palms to studying their handwriting, there are a lot of ways, and now you can add the study of an individual’s sitting position on the list too. Are you curious about how your sitting position reveals your personality?

Position 1

Those who are used to sitting in position 1 are considered to be outer-directed and tend to believe that the problems will end on their own. Charming with an active imagination, you can quickly strike up a conversation with them. They are usually quick to adapt to any situation. They are sometimes childish and fickle-minded in their behaviour.

Position 2

Those who are used to sitting in position 2 are considered to be dreamers and are often the soul of their organisation. They possess a creative persona and are full of original ideas. Friendly and exciting, they are considered the best of the company. Born-travellers, they are very open to fresh starts, whether it is a new look, a new life partner or a new city altogether.

Position 3

Those who prefer sitting in the position 3 are well-aware of their comfort zone. Lazy regarding maintaining themselves, they have a lot of interest when it comes to others. Unpredictable and choosy in their style game, they give the perception of being chaotic but are very organised. Poor concentration power is their only weakness.

Position 4

Those who prefer sitting in the position 4 do not appreciate latecomers. Introverts to a large extent, they are intelligent and emotional. They are ready even to sacrifice themselves to avoid unnecessary fights. If an individual relies on the heels and wishes to lift the upper part of the foot, it shows that they can adapt quickly to unexpected changes in their life.

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Position 5

Those who are used to sitting in position 5 are laid-back people who believe things take their own course. They do not rush into things without planning everything first, whether it is a task that needs to be completed or a marriage that needs to planned. Kind of stubborn with an in-grained ambitious streak, they are goal-oriented and hard-working who get what they want. They are a bit obsessed with their physical appearance and are often insecure about many things in their life. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page

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