Incompatible Zodiac Signs? Have a look.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs? Have a look. 1

Know who you should not date.Which Zodiac Signs Are Incompatible?

Compatibility holds importance is every relationship, and the best way to test it is by comparing the zodiac signs.
Check whether your partner matches you, after knowing his zodiac sign
Confused still? Read on.


Cancers and Capricorn make a bad match for Aries. Aries being a fire-type are extroverts and the latter are reserved personalities, There are some exceptions, however.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Taurus cannot jel well with Leo and Aquarius. Aquarius is cautious and conservative, and they stay away from change. Tareans cannot put up with that.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Pisces and Gemini just do not become an ideal match. Gemini is logical, and the Piscean is sensitive and loves intimacy.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Cancer is an emotional sun sign and needs emotional security which cannot put up with the freedom loving Aries.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Leo just cannot be well with Taurus and Scorpio. Leo and Scorpio can be very strong on one another. Scorpio loves power and dominance, and that cant makes peace with Leo’s inflexible and controlling nature.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Virgos are very hard-working and cautious. They cant get along with Saggitarians who are free spirited and happy by nature.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Librans are social in nature, and they might get bored with the Cancerian who liked being reserved. Capricorns, on the other hand, are more aggressive, and Librans love harmony.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Leo and Aquarians are pretty strong sun signs, and they cannot get along with the Scorpion personality.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Sagittarians are pretty care-free, and they cant do well with Virgos and Taureans as these two signs are very hardworking and conscientious.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Capricorns are workaholics and they are not a match with Librans. Librans are a little laid-back in life.


Zodiac signs compatibility

Aquarians cannot do well with Taureans and Scorpions as their thought process don’t match.


Zodiac signs compatibility

A Piscean is extremely sensitive and hence cannot put up with a Gemini.
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