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15 Fitness Models Who are Ruling Instagram with Their Beauty
These fitness models are motivating the people around through social media. They have so many followers, and they train so passionately.
Just like men, these beautiful ladies are taking the internet by storm. They keep posting pictures of themselves and telling people about how a good diet and exercise can help everyone achieve a great body.


We have put up a list here to show you the fitness stars who have taken over Instagram. Stay put.

 Jennifer Nicole Lee

JENNIFER NICOLE LEE Working Out in Park in Beverly Hills

She is an author and a motivational speaker apart from being just a fitness guru. She gave out 70 pounds after having two children. She doesn’t have an athletic past, but she has suffered from weight issues. Today, she motivates 1000’s of followers.

 Laura Michelle Prestin


Laura is a personal trainer and a fitness expert. She keeps posting her pictures on Instagram. Her ever glowing skin is making people go crazy!

 Hannah Bronfman

Hannah is an all-rounder. She is the co-founder of the app called Beautified; she is an investor, a DJ and a fitness model. She doesn’t stop amusing her fans in spite of the huge list of things she has to do.

 Tracy Anderson


Her fitness style is named Tracy Anderson Method. This lady is a fitness entrepreneur, and she has many celeb clients too. People do criticise her styles of training, but she doesn’t pay much heed. She has always been rocking.

 Christmas Abbott

People called this girl malnutrition, but she gave them an amazing reply by working on her body. She made a badass body diet for herself and worked towards it.

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 Paige Hathaway

This trainer is too popular on Instagram. She has to be one of the most beautiful faces the industry has.

 Jennifer Widerstrom


This 35-year old model has been starring on various tv shows and documentaries. She has to be one of the best-shaped models on the list.

 Jen Selter


Jen Shelter is getting richer with that body, and she has a huge fan following on Instagram.

 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

She is a CrossFit games expert. She won the games which were held in 2014. She is 29 and is motivating people all over through videos and pictures via Instagram.

Emily Schromm

This star has developed many programs for Crossfit when it comes to weight training and workouts. She keeps sharing her workout regimes with her followers on Instagram.

Jamie Eason

This NFL cheerleader is renown for her fitness and her writings. She has won the title of the world’s fittest model too. At, she has been a spokesperson.

Dianna Dahlgren


She has to be one of the beauties in the fitness models industry. She has been modelling since the age of 13.

 Caitlin Rice

She can beat J-Lo with that butt. She is amazing and has to be the master of perfect squats.

 Lyzabeth Lopez

She is a package when it comes to fitness. She loves modelling, holistic nutrition and is an expert in personal training. She knows to get the hourglass figure right.

 Michelle Lewin

She is the hottest one in business at the moment. She is also a Playboy, cover model. She started hitting the gym when she was young, and she never fell out of love.

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