Is your body warning you with these early diabetes signals?

Even when you think you are healthy, certain health conditions can sneak up. You often tend to ignore these signs or carry ahead without feeling over it. It’s no point realising about it when situations have worsened up.

There are rolling tides of symptoms that can’t be seen quickly during the onset of diabetes in some people. It’s not always about addiction to sugar or weight gain. People are already too sick to function before they can realise that they are sick.

The disease can’t be discriminated with age, and hence this could target anyone we know. Watch out for these signals affecting your body to figure out the same:

  1. Urinating frequently

Do you hit the bathroom more than usual? Do you take a lot of loo breaks regularly? If there is excess sugar in the blood, the body tries hard to flush it away. That means the body has an indeed difficult time to break-down the food we eat.

  1. Loss of weight

If there’s a sudden depreciation of weight without you having to change your appetite, the chances are that you have diabetes. The calories aren’t being absorbed correctly by the body, making one lose weight.

  1. Wounds heal slowly

A sign of diabetes is when your cuts or bruises take a lot of time to heal. The body immune system is lowered due to which there is slow blood flow to the site of a wound.

  1. Thirst or hunger increases

When you lose bodily fluids through frequent urination, the thirst naturally increase. This makes you feel parched often. As the body can’t process sugars correctly, there is hunger all the time. There could be hunger pangs during the night times also.

  1. Discolouration of the skin

An indication of insulin resistance is when there is dark pigmentation in the groin, armpit or back of the neck. If these patches feel velvety and are dark, see a doctor.

  1. Frequent lethargy

The laziness in the afternoon could be more than just slow digestion. You could have a blood sugar problem if you find yourself longing for too many naps. The body doesn’t have enough energy to function, and hence you face fatigue.

  1. Problems of sight

Your vision can get blurry if there is glucose build-up in the eyes. There could be a change of shape, and the extra fluid causes the eye lens to swell up. Things can get back to normal once they are treated.

  1. Limbs have tingling sensations

There can be numbness or tingling in the feet due to nerve damages. This occurs when blood sugar levels shoot up.

  1. Gums bleed and become infected

A higher amount of bacteria feeds off from the elevated sugar in the system. The mouth is breeding ground. Harsh flossing or brushing can cause bleeding of gums, and as wounds take longer to heal, there are possible infections arising out of it.

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