Life Hacks Of Things That You’ve Been Using Wrong The Whole Time.

Some people believe that there are many things out on the market which can save your money and time. I mean to say that think something out of the world. Each and Everything can be done in a variety of ways, you just need to figure out what they are and life is going to be simple for you. Life Hacks are so prevalent on the internet that you might have seen but forgot half of them. Let ‘s have a look at some of the life-changing hacks:

A Sweet Spot on your ketchup bottle:

According to a famous company Heinz, the easiest way to get a good flow of sauce from their glass bottle isn’t to hit the bottom of it. Well, you can tap the tiny “57” embossed on its neck instead.

Applesauce Containers contains a spoon:

Peel off the lid and turn it into a spoon.

Spaghetti Spoon can measure out a perfect serving of noodles:

Never Boil too much pasta ever.

Handles On your pots may have a spoon rest:

If they have this type of holes that means they can rest.

Handles On Juice Boxes:

The small tabs on your juice box are really meant to be used as a handle.

Wrong Plunger for your toilet:

Flange plungers are used for unclogging your toilet.

Storing Your natural peanut butter:

Place your jar upside down as it will help in getting it too oily and prevent it from separating.

Tab on your soda has a purpose:

You can easily place a straw in this for ease.

Loop on the back of your shirt is useful:

Pretty animal with best face angles

It can be used to hang your shirt on a hook without getting wrinkled.

Wrong way of putting bobby pins:

If you slide the side with the ridges, your hair will stay put like forever.

Tabs On the side of your aluminum foil:

To secure the roll.

Chinese noodle cup can turn into a plate:

You can open up the box and enjoy your food differently.

Beautiful drawer under your oven :

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Not a simple drawer.

Way to break off the perfect piece of Toblerone:

Instead of pulling the segment towards you, push on the triangle towards the bar.

You will break your nails while opening a can:

Keychain openers come with a tab opener.

Condiment cups can hold more sauce:

This holds more amount of sauce.

Tic-Tac Containers have Built-In Dispenser:

The tab you open has a small crevice that dispenses a single Tic-Tac.

An easy way to peel Orange:


Slice off the top and the bottom and make a small cut into the peel to reveal orange segments. So easy!

Cupcakes are more fun:

Remove the top, turn it upside down. Place it back in bottom half. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page
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