Look younger with this egg-white mask

Look younger with this egg-white mask 1

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful at all walks of life. Many women are adapting to natural remedies for caring for their skin and hair.  Artificial beauty products don’t always help. Some cause unwanted allergies; some cause reactions, some don’t work at all. Natural masks don’t cost you a bomb and are useful too.

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Let’s look at an egg-white mask today. It will make you look more youthful and will improve the skin texture too. Acne is also treated with this mask. You would have to try this mask on a daily basis though!

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Your skin complexion can be altered using this mask too. You can get rid of tans and pigmentation. You will look younger wth this. It’s simple and a fast remedy with long-lasting effects.

You will need:

One egg white

One tablespoon of honey

30 drops of almond oil

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Beat the egg and add the honey and almond drops. The mixture should be homogeneous, so it is better to use melted honey.

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Clean the face and pat it dry. Apply the mask and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it after it dries.

The face will be refreshed and moisturised beautifully. Do try this remedy to feel the difference yourself!

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