Make your feet softer with paraffin wax.

Details are important when you want to look great. Women spend hours to get that perfect look They visit dermats, cosmologists, hairdressers, etc. to achieve this. You can, however, take care of your body by yourself. You can do masks, excuse and make your wax, etc. Women should care for their feet too, so that is it is smooth and soft at all times. We have a piece of information for you. You could use paraffin wax to get softer feet.

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To try this remedy, take four parts of water and one part of paraffin wax, one tablespoon of petroleum jelly and some olive oil. Boil the water well and then add the wax and petroleum jelly into the pan. Mix well.

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Wash your feet with soap and use a pumice stone if you wish. Pat the feet dry and massage using olive oil for some time.

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Apply this remedy over the feet, about four layers. Wrap the feet within a cling film and let the wax stay for 20 minutes. Remove the cling film after the time is over and apply your favourite moisturising lotion.

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You will notice that your feet have become feather-soft and amazing to touch. This treatment is very cheap, and it won’t take a lot of time to get a great result. Try out this remedy; your feet will thank you for it.

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