Men hate these hairstyles on women!

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 1

However, certain things can repel the men away. This makes it difficult to build happy relationships, and then they end up suffering from poor self-confidence. We have gathered some interesting news for you. Here are few hairstyles you should stay away from, that could put a man off. Let us take a look.

Very short hair

Women who have a short haircut are not that appealing to a lot of men. They always wonder why they are trying to look more manly and can be an offset. Men always love elegant hairstyles.

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Men hate these hairstyles on women! 2

It’s quite fashionable and comfy moreover. But many men hate this look. They find it unattractive, and they think the woman is only wearing a bun because she hasn’t washed her hair.


Men think such women want to drag attention by making dreads. This look can come off as sloppy and dirty more than the attractive part.

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Bird’s nest

This look is cute when she has just woken up not otherwise. Going out in this hairstyle is not a good idea. It might come off as strange to some men.

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Small curly hair

When the women come out as exotic, this hairstyle works for her, not otherwise. It looks unattractive when women try to get this hairdo through artificial means.

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 3

Straight cuts

Haircuts with straight lines are boring, and they tend to look like a wig. There should be a constant balance between neatness and naturalness. That perfect line of hair may not generate interest.

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Hairstyle after using a straightener

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 4

Most women love the long naturally straight hair, but many men tend to dislike this hairstyle.

Messy Bun

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 5

Another hairstyle many men don’t like. According to some men, because of such a haircut, women lose their attractiveness and grace.


Here are hairstyles loved by men and looks gorgeous on women

Side Braid:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 6

Inverted French braid which is also known as the Dutch braid is successfully done by taking three section of hair and crossing them over each other. It appears difficult to you but if you practice regularly then you will realize how effortless this style is.

Crown Tiara:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 7

This hairstyle looks more elegant and stunning for girls with long hairs. It is difficult to perform but when it is completely done it will change your whole look and take your gorgeousness to next level.

Braided Crown With A Ponytail:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 8

This is one of the easiest and quickest styles. You just have to make a french braid in tiara style across your head and then tie with a ponytail. You can straighten your hair to give a frizz-free look.

Sleek Pony:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 9

If you want a sleek, professional look, then this hairstyle is perfect for you and is very easy to do. Flat Iron your hair, tie a high ponytail and spray some setting spray to set the deal. Twist and wrap a strand of hair around your elastic band.

High Ponytail With a puff:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 10

It is one of my favorites; this style adds more volume to the hair. To achieve this look, tease and backcomb your hair with a small teasing comb gently. Make a high puff and then secure the rest of the hair in a high ponytail.

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Mermaid Braid:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 11

As iconic braided styles are very difficult to do so but when it comes to the mermaid braid, then all these assumptions are turned false as this style is very easy to perform. It will add a lot of charm and grace to your face.

Side Bun:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 12

If you don’t have long hairs and you always adore the high buns then this side bun will suits you the most, Just spot a side bun which doesn’t require any length or volume.

Fishtail Braid:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 13

This fishtail braid is a savior for girls with long hair; this style can be worn out at an office meeting or with an evening gown.

Messy Bun:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 14

This can be worn out on any college day and goes exceptionally well with evening gowns. It will supply the right amount of frizziness and rustiness to your look. Spot a messy bun if you are going to wear a feminine gown.

Bow Hairstyle:

Men hate these hairstyles on women! 15

Bow hairstyles are very cute and look so gorgeous when done with the help of a professional. They can be worn on any social gathering in the form of a ponytail.