Mint leaves to reduce dark circles

Mint leaves to reduce dark circles 1

We all wish to look perfect every day. A Friday night or late working hours shouldn’t affect your skin. But it does, doesn’t it? Yesterday’s tiresome tasks could be seen as dark circles often. It makes you look older. Such colouring to your face adds five years to your age. How do we stop that? Let’s talk about some hacks that shall help you look fresh every day.

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Mint mask

This simulates the circulation of blood and refreshes the skin. It is a natural ingredient and has many anti-oxidants. Make a mint tincture and then apply pads to your eyes.

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Mint, tomato and lemon juice

Make the tincture and apply it to the face. This can help rid the pigmentation, and even the blemishes will slowly disappear.

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Mint and potato juice

Mint is the main hero of all the therapies here. Blend potato with mint leaves and apply the mixture to the skin for 15 minutes.

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Mint and rose water

Mix rose tincture or rose water from the pharmacy and mix it with mint leaves. Leave this excellent mix overnight and apply it to the face. Your skin will be refreshed.

Mint and turmeric

Make a paste by blending mint leaves with turmeric powder. Turmeric makes your skin lighter. Regularly using this mask will even out the skin tone.

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Mint and ice cubes

The easy way! Freeze some water with mint and apply it on the face every morning after waking up. Your skin will thank you.

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