Mistakes with styling that make you look old

Mistakes with styling that make you look old 1

We pay more attention to our clothes as we grow older. We want to seldom stay up to date with new trends and chose outfits that make us look fresher and younger. There is one more aim behind all this. We don’t want to look old, so we end up buying clothes meant for younger people. It makes us look old instead of young, by the way. There are plenty of mistakes with styling that make us look old. Let’s talk about them today. You will carry yourself well after you’re done reading this post, I assure you! Let’s begin.

Credit: Pixabay

  1. Wearing too much black prevents you from looking fresh and young, although the colour is classy.
  2. Choose a correctly sized office jacket for you, with the right shape. If it is bigger, it will add a couple of years to you.
  3. Don’t wear skirts which are very long. Let the maximum length be up to the middle of the ankle.Credit: Pixabay
  4. Wearing a wrongly sized bra can add a couple of years to you and make you look older.
  5. Jeans should make your shape visually sleek and tight. Stretchy jeans don’t work out in such cases.
  6. A good pair of glasses can make you look, but pick the right one to avoid looking nerdy.Credit: Pixabay
  7. If you want to look younger, never hide your neckline. A decolletage also works!
  8. If you wear designer heels that you cant walk in, you won’t ever be comfortable. Pick the right shoes for yourself.
  9. Don’t wear scarves when it isn’t cold outside as it won’t make you look any younger. It’s better to let go of them.
  10. You can opt for mom jeans; it doesn’t make you look more mom, we believe.Credit: Pixabay
  11. Skirts that are too mini can make you look unappealing. Choose the right cuts of dresses for yourself.
  12. Oversized clothes make you look manly more than youthful. Pick the right size.Credit: Pixabay
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