Moles can tell you about your destiny!

Ever Wondered How Moles Create Your Destiny?

Moles are tiny growths on the skin which are black or red. They can be seen during early childhood and you can up to 40 moles by the age of 20.

The pattern is solely dependant on genetics, but sun exposure increases the number of moles or darkening of these moles.

New moles come in, and the existing ones become bigger when you go through pregnancy or adolescence.  Mystics and gypsies believe that the personality traits of an individual can be determined by looking at the placement of these moles.

Each mole on your skin has a meaning, and they could tell you your destiny!



#1. Forehead

In the middle of the forehead, a mole indicates wisdom. It shows clear insights of the individual.

On the right side of the forehead, it indicates wealth.

On the left side, it shows that the person will be selfish and unlucky.


#2. Eyebrows

A mole in the middle of the eyebrows shows wealth and leadership qualities.
A mole on the right side of the eyebrow shows good luck and early marriage.
A mole on the left eyebrow shows bad luck, and this person will symbolise have an issue relating to money.



#3. Eyes

A mole away from the right eye shows honesty and trustworthiness. Such a person is indeed a blessing.
Mole on the left eye shows that the person is arrogant and can’t be trusted. He can be difficult to handle.



#4. Nose

Having a mole on the nose bridge indicates poor health and weak immunity.

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One at the tip of the nose shows temperament and intelligence. These kinds are witty but short-tempered.

Towards the right side, it indicates wealth. Such kinds gain richness without added efforts. It’s a lucky mole.

Towards the left side, it indicates immorality. These kinds are prone to heinous acts like prostitution.

Mole on the bridge between the nostrils shows obstruction and unseen struggles.

A mole below the nose signifies great libido. These types have a great sex drive. Larger the size, more the inclination towards sexual activities.



#5. Cheeks

Mole on the right cheek indicates that the person is sensitive and values family.

Mole on the left cheek shoes that the person is introverted and arrogant.



#6. Lips

On the lips, a mole signifies health problems. This person has to keep a check on his weight and diet.
A mole on the lower lip indicates a love for theatre and food.



#7. Chin

A middle chin mole shows morality.

Towards the right side, it indicates rationality and diplomacy. Such individuals also become very famous and wealthy.

Towards the left side, it shows straightforwardness. They might come as arrogant to others.



#8. Back

A mole on the back symbolizes fame.
These individuals are very honest, and they seek a lot of good reputation with time.
A mole on the left side of the back shows courage and the right shows a diplomatic nature.


#9. Stomach

Having a mole on the upper stomach symbolises self-consciousness.
A mole on the lower side shows disappointment.
Around the navel of a man, it shows richness.
Around the navel of a lady, it indicates a good marriage life.


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#10. Thighs

A mole on the right thigh indicates an easy to go attitude.
On the left thigh, it means that the person has artistic qualities and is hard-working. He has no great interest when it comes to lovemaking.


#11. Foot

A mole on the right foot shows that you will have a lovely spouse and a very content family life.
One of the left foot shows that you will have issues with finances and family too.
Moles on the sole indicates travel, frequently being sick and unexpected misfortune.



#12. Hand

A mol on the finger shows that you cannot trust this person as they exaggerate a lot.
Moles on the inner palm shows that there are obstacles present in the person’s life.




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