Olive oil can make you look gorgeous.

Olive oil can make you look gorgeous. 1

Olive oil can do wonders for our body in many ways. It has been discovered in the Egyptian papyrus that olive oil was used for facial care. The beautiful  Nefertiti of ancient Egypt used the oil for her hair and facial skin. Greeks adored applying the oil to the hair. It is also said to refresh the facial colour. It was named liquid gold due to its marvellous qualities. Today olive oil is being used in cosmetics widely. Olive oil is excellent for both types of hair. Hair becomes silky after application of this oil. The aroma is light and refreshing too. It has also been used to make mixtures for rubbing into the skin. Let’s talk about 12 ways to use olive oil.

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For hair treatment

Olive oil has been great when it comes to treating oil. Warm the oil and then rub it on the hair. After 10 minutes, wash thoroughly with shampoo

As a lip scrub

Take few drops of olive oil with a tablespoon of sugar. Mix to get a semi-fluid mixture. Rub this mix on the lips for 15 seconds and then rub off the leftover sugar with a warm napkin.

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As a makeup remover

To remove the makeup without any inflammation, use olive oil. Wash the hands, soak the cotton in warm olive oil and then remove the makeup gently. After 15 minutes, wash your face well with water.

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For ears

Does a lot of ear wax accumulation bother you? A great way of removing it is by using olive oil, and it won’t cause pain too.

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As a serum

Put few drops of olive oil to your hair to get an instant glow.

As a shaving cream

You can try replacing all the shaving creams and foams with olive oil, especially if you have sensitive skin.


As an anti-bacterial balm

The oil has excellent anti-bacterial properties. Blend the oil with marigolds, lavender and tea tree essential oils to make a beautiful soothing balm.

For nail conditioning

Olive oil has acids that can boost nail strength. It has squalene which helps moisturise the nails and hands thoroughly.

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For treatment of eczema

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and soften the skin. Don’t forget using olive oil if you want to treat some scars. Apply the oil to the scars and leave it for a few minutes to let it soak well.

For diaper rashes

Olive oil is a great natural antiseptic which can make the skin soft. The anti-microbial properties are great to fight the bacterial infections or diaper rashes too, in that case.

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For heels

Applying honey and olive oil to the feet is excellent for cracked heels. Mix equal portions of honey and olive oil to the heels and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it with water and apply cream to it to finish.

For cleaning brushes

You should keep your makeup brushes clean at all times. Use olive oil and soap to get rid of the dirt quickly.

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