One ingredient that works like magic against ageing.

One ingredient is all that you will need to get that youthful skin back. One ingredient will help you lose that sagging skin.
Anise, a dominant spice can help you take away the wrinkles and slow down ageing. It has anti-ageing properties that could work better than any cream. In a few days time, the wrinkles would be gone!

How do you use anise seeds?

It is an easy trick.

You will require-

  • Water
  • Small Pot
  • Anise- handful

In a small pot, boil some water. Add anise seeds into the water and let it boil for some time. Let it cool down and then pour this tea in a container.

How do you apply?

Wash your face with this mixture, especially in the regions where there are wrinkles and lines. Your skin’s texture will be softer and wrinkle-free in no time. More than any tightening cream, this will work like magic. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page
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