Personality revealed through your feet

Aren’t we familiar with gipsy women telling us our fate by looking into our palms? Here is something more interesting for you!

Your toes could say things about you!

Long second toe suggests that you possess leadership skills.All Egyptian and Hawaiin rulers had long second toes. You should be in charge!

The last joint of the third toe at a slight angle states that you tend to deceive as well as to be misunderstood by people. These kinds make excellent spies.

A tiny little toe indicates a playful, fun-going nature.

The second toe on the left leg which bends a little towards the big toe states a nostalgic nature.


Little toe at an angle, however, indicates an unconventional state of mind. If you can sway this toe well, you need constant changes in life.


All people tribes have developed over the years, and we have inherited many qualities due to various combinations in the gene pool. We are all differentiated due to hair, colour, etc. You could learn about your ancestors through your fingers.






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