Personality Test: Which eye are you drwan to?

Personality Test: Which eye are you drwan to? 1

The eye is the window to your soul and mind. While it lets you see the world outside, it can also reveal a lot about you. Look carefully at the eyes given below and choose one that attracts you the most. It will tell an accurate description of your personality.

Personality Test: Which eye are you drwan to? 2

Eye one: The Heart

If this was your first choice, then you are a very kind, sweet, caring and loving person. You love to spread happiness and like to keep others happy around you. You might also go out of your way to make your loved ones happy. The best thing about you is that you like to meet new people as it opens up new opportunities to explore the world around you.

Eye two: The World

If you choose this eye, then you are someone who wants to bring a difference to the world. Social work, community service, and activism is your priority. You want to see a better world around you, which is filled with growth and prosperity.

Eye three: The Setting Sun

If this eye is your choice, then you are troubled. Something haunts you, and there’s a fire lighting up in your heart. This fire can, in turn, be a positive trait in your life. Fire shows determination, but also be easy with your heart and soul.

Pick a window. It reveal something about you.

Eye four: The Clock

If you choose this eye, then you are time conscious. You believe in discipline and working things on time. Moreover, time is on your side as you are a philosopher. You look at the past, as an answer for tomorrow.

Eye five: The Keyhole

If this eye is your choice, then you are a person who loves mysteries. You are quite a mystery for yourself as you try to find the answer to life. You are a quiet person, and others are attracted to you because of the different way you look at the world. You might have some confidence issues with others.

Eye six: The Detail Master

If you choose this eye, then it is because you were drawn towards its fine details. You are a realist and looks at life very carefully. You believe in your intuition and can easily understand what other people’s personality is like. You are a fragile and sensitive person at the same time.

Eye seven: The Fiery Eye

If this eye is your choice, then you are the master of flames. You are filled with passion and ambitions. You are a leader and is ready to lead the way. You are spontaneous, straight and say what comes to your mind.

Eye eight: The Hypnotic Eye

If you choose this eye, then you have a distinct personality. Your creative and sporty nature can make people in awe of you. You have a hypnotic power inside you that can make others think about your character. You are independent, and cant let the society define what you believe in.

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Eye nine: The Blue Swirls

If this eye is your choice, then you are a born artist. You are intuitive by nature and can look through people. Artistic features attract you. It is tough for people to manipulate you as you can understand who is being honest or is trying to take you for granted.