Pinterest or Disinterest?

  • POOF!

Bright yellow cake pops, I have no clue how they might really taste like but it seems a real treat to my eyes. But well, the other ones seem like someone busted those innocent pops.

  • Shame.

Hand-baking such piece of art turned out to be a real bummer uh?

  • Treat or Trick?

Is this chocolaty, marshmallowy delicacy or an upside-down hot mess?

  • Birthdays.

Time for some experiments, and maybe some disasters too. I hope the Happy birthday banner does not turn into Sad Birthday.

  • The Great Gatsby continues…

Fitzgerald would be really amused to see this great creation.

  • Immobile.

All-natural diapers sound fancy, but it irritates. And nothing is worse than a crying baby. So no pumpkin for diapers.

  • Skeleton or a Bear?

If not a skeleton lets replace it under the name of a bear  I guess, for an art is an art. No one has to know the real intentions. Hush!

  • And the award goes to…

Credits for courage, patience and courage again. I don’t know what it was intended for but it is…

  • Can I trade my bear for some broccoli?

If I was a ten-year kid and my Mom presented me this bear peeping over my omelette, more like glaring at me. I would have run away and never returned.

  • Mermaid??

This looks like an Ariel turned inside out. Ursula would be so glad.

  • Time for some munch

These cookies seem like they have been killed, and instead of munching on them I must bury them deep underneath the ground and the tombstone would read ” DANGER. DIG AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

People Who Make World The Better Place To Live

  • Mummy Hot dogs should’ve been yummy.

It is a horror to even think someone must have been presented with this dish. And worse even if it was a kid with angry parents, who are against wasting food. I am really sorry.

  • Ghost or…?

This drains the colour out of my face. I am sure I can match this gooey substance on the cupcake.

  • Sprinkled.

I am not sure why would anyone even try this out? However, I can for sure see this for an Insta story. I will make sure to like and comment.

  • USA

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