Quick skin whitening techniques at your home!

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 1

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Not all of us are blessed with flawless skin which has no patches or dark spots at all. Due to heavy pollution in today’s times, lifestyle and lousy selection of beauty products dull out our skin. Skin whitening doesn’t relate to making our skin fairer than our original complexion. It involves the treatment of our skin in a way that we regain our natural colour. Let’s look at eight different ways wherein we can treat our skin at home itself. They help to improve the overall texture of the skin too, instead of just the whitening part. Before you begin reading this article, let me tell you something you should never forget. Always apply some sunscreen when using skin whitening treatments on yourself. Okay, let’s move ahead.

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 2

Tomato, raw honey and gram flour – FOR FACIAL CLEANSING

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 3

For removing the dullness from the skin, gram flour can work wonders. The tomato juice enzymes help lighten the skin whereas honey acts as a fantastic moisturising agent. It also provides an antibacterial effect on the skin.

Method: Take a spoon of honey and mix with two tablespoons of gram flour. Form a nice paste by introducing enough tomato juice in it. Apply this mix in the same way you would apply a regular facial cleanser. Wash it away with warm water. Make sure you use this cleanser at least once a day.

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Use Hibiscus- FOR TONER

For improving skin complexion and texture, AHAs present in the hibiscus can help. For moisturising and enhancing complexion, Vitamin C and E are very efficient.

Method: Take some hibiscus and brew it into tea. Let it cool down and then add a quarter spoon of Vitamin C (powdered form) with few drops of Vitamin E oil. Put this into a dark coloured bottle and then store it in the fridge. Spray it on the face when required. Always shake it evenly before application. It’s still better to wear some sunblock when you use products containing Vitamin C.


Rosemary and saffron- FOR TONER

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 4

For reviving the already dull skin, saffron works excellent. Whereas for hydrating and toning, rosemary works wonders. The blend of these two beautiful ingredients can combat ageing of the skin. Using the essential oil can refresh the skin.

Method: Take a cup of warm water and add a half cup of chopped rosemary to it. Cover this mix and let it cool down. Put in some strands of saffron and leave the mixture for a night. Stain the water infused with rosemary and saffron the very next morning. Add essential oil (few drops) to this mix. Store the mixture in a spritz bottle in the fridge. Always shake before application.


Almond and Strawberry- FOR SCRUB

Strawberries have enzymes and acids which can help the removal of dead skin cells. Nutrients present in almond work wonders in skin lightening as well as moisturising. For exfoliation, brown sugar is great.

Method: Make a fine paste of 5 almonds which have been soaked for a night’s time. Mash some strawberries. Now add grounded brown sugar to this mash. Now infuse into the almond paste and mix well. In a circular motion, gently apply this scrub. Wash it away with water.

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Raw milk, liquorice and lemon juice- FOR FACE MASK

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 5

For pigmented skin, liquorice extracts can work marvels; it also inhibits melanin production. Lemon juice has abundant Vitamin C which helps to whiten the skin. The lactic acid in the milk can rid you off the tan making the skin have an even complexion.

Method: To a teaspoon of lemon juice, add a tablespoon of liquorice powder and then some raw milk to form a fine paste. Clean your face thoroughly before this mask is applied and let it stay for 20 minutes straight. Wash it off with water.


Rose water, oatmeal and papaya- FOR EXFOLIATION

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 6

For removing dead skin cells, oat and papaya are lovely. The blend gives you a bright tone with a glowing complexion. Rose water hydrates the skin well.

Method: Take a tablespoon of some mashed papaya and add a big spoon of oatmeal in it, add rose water to form a smooth paste.  Clean the face well before putting the pack on and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it off with water.


Yoghurt, orange peel and sandalwood- FOR FACE PACK

Vitamin C is present abundantly in orange which is excellent for skin whitening and brightening too. For great moisturising, sandalwood works well. For an even skin tone, lactic acid present in the yoghurt works right.

Method: Take one spoon of sandalwood powder and mix about two tablespoons of orange peel powder to it. Now blend in some yoghurt, making a paste. Apply the mix on the face and leave it for half an hour. Then wash it thoroughly with some fresh water.

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Green tea, rice flour and turmeric- FOR FACE PACK

Quick skin whitening techniques at your home! 7

For skin brightening, rice flour can help. It makes skin soft and refines the pores. For providing a beautiful glow to the skin, turmeric does the job. Green tea has antioxidants on the other hand.

Method: MIX some strongly brewed green tea to a mix of 2 spoons of rice flour and a pinch of turmeric. Leave this pack on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with regular water.