Reasons of fading our face after makeup

Makeup is the definition of modifying our beauty in a perfect manner but it is very painful to see our makeup going towards worse after some time. There are many reasons why it happens. Makeup must be applied in a certain manner but we make mistakes while doing so. Here we are with some points to be avoided.

  • Primer is not used

For the accurate shape of our beauty, it is very necessary to use a primer before applying any product on our face. Primer gives the same skin tone everywhere on our face so if we avoid primer, our makeup will look like artificial and odd.

  • Spray is nothing

Some of us are totally unknown with spray but it is essential to use spray after applying makeup. A spray is used on face likewise a spray is used for hair setting but they both are totally different so, we must apply the right one to set our makeup.

  • We miss translucent powder

Translucent powder should not be skipped as it gives a natural look at our makeup as well as it helps to long last of our makeup.

  • Wrong foundation

Most of the time we are captured to use a wrong foundation in our makeup but it must be avoided totally. We should use a right foundation for our skin tone.

  • Makeup beyond the limit

Heavy makeup should be applied only if we are perfect to do so otherwise too much makeup must be avoided as it gives older look to our skin. One more thing, heavy makeup is applied only the specific areas of our face so, it should be done in the same manner.

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