Redheaded Beauty To Overcome Ginger Stereotype

Although redheaded people are not about to be extinct during the centuries so far. It is not a good reason for ginger beauty not to be documented in every possible way.

Famous American photographer Brian Dowling has photographed around 130 redheads from around 20 countries for his project “Redhead Beauty.” This person who is currently based in Berlin was born in Los Angeles, used to study economics at the University of South California. He finally decided to pursue photography in 2010. He worked for MTV and FOX in the United States and is currently working as a contributor for Getty images from the German capital.

Red hair is one of the rarest hair found in the world which is caused by gene mutation known as MC1R which affects about 1% of the population. This can also change the person’s tolerance to pain, sunlight and their hairs. Red hair will instead turn blonde or pure white when you age.

Dowling started his project which portrays three summers to show the real beauty of red hair. The project Includes the women from various countries in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Alina From Kieve, Ukraine:

Madeline from Washington, United States:

Kirstie in Highlands Of Glencoe:

Carmen From Best, Netherlands:

Alisha from Odessa:

Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany:

Ellie from London:

Maria From Moscow, Russia :

Elias In Belfast, Northern Ireland:

Gracie From Howth, Ireland:

Rubby From England:

Aoife From Longford, Ireland:

Aliena From Odessa, Ukraine:

Tara In Liverpool, England:

Kim From Hamburg, Germany:


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