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Sculpting the shoulders and back with these simple exercises

A lot of women engrossed in achieving that perfect body miss out on working on their shoulders and back. They want to care more for their tummy, buns and legs. It is a good idea, but the back is not to be neglected, right?

The routine mentioned here are dance-inspired, and they will help you tone your shoulders, back and chest. You will be standing in ballet postures while performing these exercises which will help you tone your butt and legs too. This effective program will sculpt your back and shoulders, and it will work well for your legs and butt too. Such a win-win!

Do this workout twice in a weeks time and do one set of 12 reps each, without taking pauses. Repeat the circuit if you are a beginner to achieve an intense training regime. This workout won’t take you more than 15 minutes, and we hope that you find time for this regime out of your busy schedule. Beat the laziness and try burning out that extra fat. Time to get into some sculpting. Let’s get started.

Tricep Extension

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Push Up

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Reverse Fly

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Tricep Dip

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Pull Up

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Shoulder Press

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