Shaping your eyebrows, the right way

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 1

So how could you get your eyebrows done correctly? This article should help. With so many options available, getting a good shape is probably not a task. Read more to get some knowledge about your brows.

Shaping with professional help


Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 2

The easiest way to way a random visit to the salon nearby is for getting your brows threaded. This method is used tactfully by an expert to shape the eyebrow as well to pull out any excessive hair. The hair follicles are removed in this process, and hence the eyebrows remain in good shape for two weeks time.


Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 3

This has to be one of the most loved methods for eyebrow shaping. It also restricts the growing back of hair over the course of time. For hair removal, a combination of hot and cold wax is used. Always seek a professional to get this done. If you have sensitive skin, this method might not be suitable for you.


Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 4

A permanent way to keep away the excess growth to keep the eyebrows in perfect shape always. There are many variants to this method. The galvanic process can damage hair follicles whereas the thermolysis method overheats the follicles to an extent wherein it doesn’t grow back. A combination of the above-specified methods is also available which makes use of a needle for extracting hair on the skin.

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Shaping eyebrows at home


Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 5

This has to be a very famous method as it lets you shape the brows all by yourself at home. Tweezers are generally used for this technique, but the process can be one hell of a task if the growth is thick. A few stray hairs here and there can be removed easily with this method.

Eyebrow Pencil:

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 6

This can help you get a well-defined outline for the eyebrows. It can also help fill in the vacant areas or spaces where there is less hair so that a proper shape is seen. This is a proper technique for someone who has limited growth of hair in the eyebrow area.

DIY Steps to shape your eyebrows:

Know where to start

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 7

Stand by the mirror and observe the natural shape of the eyebrow. Decide a point wherein you want your brow to begin. Use the pencil by the side-line of the nose and the inner corner of the eye: The joining portion has to be where the eyebrow should start.

Pluck out the excess growth

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 8

After marking the spots, look out for extra growth of hair between the two points, and pluck it out if any with the use of tweezers

Getting the arch correct

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 9


Decide the uppermost point of the arch of the eyebrow. Take a pencil by the side of the nose and place it vertically across to reach the rise on the external edge, for this purpose. Mark the peak point of your brow and if you find excess hair in this region, pluck them out.

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Know the endpoint

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 10

You should know how to get a right end to this brow. Along the corner of the nose to the external periphery, take the pencil. The point which you find is the end point of the brow, and again, excess hair has to be removed if any.

Brushing the brows

After getting the above-mentioned steps right, you should add some finishing touches to get a good shape. Trim the eyebrows well and then brush them in the direction of the hairline.

Trim the brows well

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 11

If there are long hairs that stand out from the others, trim it. It’s often better to start from the end of the eyebrow and then reach the start point, working your way out.

Here are some tips for you!

Shaping your eyebrows, the right way 12

  • Never use a razor
  • You don’t want your eyebrows to look too thin, so don’t pluck out too much.
  • Never over-exceed the trimming
  • Make sure to achieve the right symmetry