Some Blissful Beauty Hacks Using Baby Powder


You may have seen various hacks and remedies using the most mundane of products like toothpaste, earbuds, etc. but did you ever imagine a simple bottle of baby powder in this mix of multipurpose commodities? We kid you not; you’ll be amazed to find out all the things you can use regular baby powder as.

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To Eliminate Irritation, Add Volume and Thickness To Eyelashes

Who doesn’t want thick lashes? It turns out you don’t have to put on three layers of expensive volumizing mascara to get that.  All you need to do is put baby powder on the root of the eyelashes. After putting baby powder then top with a single coat of your regular mascara to get thick lashes.

To Protect Your Skin When Waxing

If you are one of those people who prefer to wax your arms and legs at home, then baby powder may come extra handy for you. Before applying the wax, put some baby powder on your hand and on the area you’re about to wax as well. Doing this will keep your skin cool in addition to making it easier for the wax to latch onto hair.

Dry Shampoo Substitute

Dry shampoos are lifesavers, but what happens when you run out? Simplest replacement is a handful of baby powder. Sprinkle the baby powder on the roots of your hair. The powder will absorb oil from the scalp. Don’t use excessive baby powder as it will make your hair look a bit gray. You can add cinnamon to the baby powder if you have red hair and you don’t want it to look dusty.

Natural Beauty Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Deodorant Substitute

Applying layers of regular deodorant sometimes feel much uncomfortable and quite sticky. It is better to use baby powder as it will avoid the stickiness and give a dry feeling, and also absorb sweat and odor.

Eliminate Dust

If you notice that you have sand or dust stuck to your skin while coming back from a playground (or desert maybe), then you can get rid of it with the help of some baby powder. It will help to absorb sweat and water. Once you apply the baby powder then brushing off the sand should be very easy.

Preventive Measure Against Blisters

If you are someone who suffers from blisters on the feet on a regular basis, then this hack is for you. Rub some baby powder on the areas prone blisters forming before wearing your footwear.

Stay Fresh Even In Bed

You just need to rub put baby powder on your bed-sheet before sleeping. It will help you to feel fresh and cool whole night, and you will wake up smelling pleasant.

Up Your Brow Game

If you wanted to make your eyebrows dreamy thick, then you need to grab some baby powder. Brush little amount of baby powder using an eyebrow brush/comb and use a brow pencil to make them appear thicker and fuller. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page

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