The 15 Most Painfully Awkward Situations That Make You Want to Live Under a Rock

How often have we been in an awkward situation? It usually is extremely uncomfortable as we don’t know how to get away from that situation. We tend to do something so stupid in public that our inner-self screams and wants to bury itself under a rock. Here are some common extremely awkward situations we all must have been in a particular moment of our life.

  1. Just Swatting Flies

The awkward moment when you think the person in front is waving at you and you wave back at them. Then the painful realization dawns that the person was waving at someone behind you. OUCH!! All we can think is to hide our face under the sand.

2. Yes, I Was Talking To Myself

Another moment where you reply to a person beside you, but then you realize something is awkward. That person had their Bluetooth on and was talking to someone else on the line. If you think passersby noticed you, just say out that you were talking to yourself, and run.

3. I Can Read English… Pfft

How many times did you try to push a door and it didn’t open? Then you realized that you were supposed to ‘pull’. Yes!! It gets embarrassing when someone is standing right behind you to get through the same door. Let that moment sink in for the whole day, how you made a fool of yourself.

4. BRB, Going To Bury Myself

Imagine this situation. You are in a food joint waiting for your order. When your number comes, the server says, “Enjoy your food” and you reply back, “Yes, thank you. You too”. Did you realize what you said? The server most probably looks at you with an awkward smile, and you cant do anything more than smiling back awkwardly at them.

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