The 7 Essential Spots To Apply Eyeshadow For Achieving a Flawless Look

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Today, we will go through some tips to achieve a flawless look through an application of eye-shadows. So, if you want your eyes to look flashy, make sure that you use your eye-shadow the right way!

Here’s how you could achieve a great look.

  1. Apply eye-shadow on the Brow Bone

If you are looking for a look that makes your eyes look attractive and flashy, one should never forget to use some eye-shadow on the brow bone. It’s a better option to opt for something shimmery or matte which will make your eyes look great. It also defines your eyes better.

  1. Applying eye-shadow on your Lids

Applying some nice colour on the lids makes it look lighter and sexier. You could always dab some loose shimmer or powder on the lids if you don’t want to apply an eye-shadow, making your eyes look beautiful. Never miss covering your lids with a good dash of matte eyeshadow.

  1. Applying eye-shadow at the Crease.

A crease is a spot where in the eye socket of the skull dips in to meet the eye-ball. One should opt for darker colours in this area to create a good definition. For smaller eyes, a good colour can create a beautiful look.

  1. Applying eye-shadow at the outer V

Outer v is an essential part as it creates a strong appeal of big bold eyes.Opt for a darker pop of shade for this region to mark an impressive pair of big hooded eyes. If you want your eyes to look tinier, go for a colour that is light in nature.

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  1. Applying eye-shadow on the Upper Lash Line

This area helps add definition to one’s eyes. To make your lashline stand out, use a good mascara, an eye-shadow or an eye-liner. You could always opt for a dusky or smoky look with the same technique.

  1. Applying eye-shadow on the Waterline

For a complete eye-makeup, never forget to apply some eye-shadow in this area. One should go for a darker eye-shadow or eye-liner or a white/nude liner. A light eye-shadow calls for a more feminine look whereas a darker one could make you look bold.

  1. Applying eye-shadow on the Lower Lash Line

Application of a shadow or liner here is as important as it is for the upper lash line. One can always replace an eye-liner with an eye-shadow for better eye-definition.

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