The early signs of ovarian cancer.

People all over the world are suffering from different sorts of cancer. When the body cells grow and reproduce out of control, cancer develops. It can happen anywhere in the body including the blood. We don’t know why this problem occurs, although many types of research have been done. Heredity and genetic mutations play a huge role when it comes to cancer.

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More than 22000 women are revising diagnosis for ovarian cancer on a daily basis. It causes a huge amount of deaths, and it affects women beyond 40 years of age. Consumer hormone replacement medications and fertility drugs can increase the risks of ovarian cancer.

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Taking birth control pills can elevate you to having chances of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and strokes. Being obese also contributes to the ovarian cancer issue. You might be prone to ovarian malignancy if your close relatives or family have it.

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Cancer exists in the ovaries for many years without causing symptoms until it has started to spread elsewhere. It is possible to detect cancer in early stages by paying attention the signs the body sends to you. Don’t ignore these signs.

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Bloating of the abdomen

This uncomfortable symptom is experienced by women few days before menstruation. The tightness, gurgling or gassiness doesn’t go for long and could be an early progression of ovarian cancer.

Abnormal bleeding

Spotting between periods could be a warning. Vaginal bleeding after menopause isn’t normal. This bleeding may indicate ovarian malignancy.

Pain in the pelvic area

As a tumour grows, it presses the nerves causing pain and cramps in the lower abdomen.

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Urge to frequently urinate

Even if you are not consuming a lot of water, you feel like visiting the loo many times. This is because the ovarian neoplasm presses the wall of the bladder causing the sensation.

Weight loss

The people tend o feel satiated quick, and the loss of diet causes the loss of weight.

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The person experiences nausea, belching and flatulence. This is normally due to overeating, gastritis or other gastrointestinal issues but could also indicate cancer.

A backache

Long lasting back aches could be due to the increasing ovarian malignancy.

Painful sex

Women complain discomfort an pain during sexual intercourse, it is known as dyspareunia.



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