The kind of relationship advice you need!

A relationship plays a crucial role in our lives. It could bring joy but could be heartbreaking as well. You should always feel complete and whole when you are with your loved one. Investing time and effort does go a long way, and makes your bond last too.

Our ideologies of relationships may be different than those around us, but here are 10 things you should be aware of to build a stronger bond.

Respect is important

Never forget to respect yourself in a relationship. This will ensure that you are with a good guy. Keep your head high and straight about what you want in a relationship, you will have greater chances of ending up with Mr Right. Once you are with this person,  do value his opinions and feelings correctly.

Be there for one another

Compassion and that feeling of belonging are two things you should always keep in your head while in a relationship. Don’t make your partner feel that he is alone in any race. Do let them know that you are there for them at all times.

Have good tolerance with their quirky selves

All of us get quirky with something or the other, learn being tolerant. No one can be perfect, we all have our glitches. If something does bother you, try holding a positive communication. Know that you should want them to grow as a person too.

Flirt around often

As generic that it may sound, flirting does keep relationships sparkly and alive. A lot of couples keep this spark alive by flirting in all different ways, through many years, even after their bond has matured far and wide. Such relationships become more magical with time.

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Conflicts can’t be avoided

If two people hang out with one another a lot, conflicts are ought to happen. It is inevitable. Conflict is not negative. It should be greeted with positivity and it should help both of you resolve untouched issues. This will make your bonding grow stronger and you would understand each other’s emotions and ways of thinking, much better.

Relationships are not just about “love”

For a relationship to be solid, love alone cant do everything. Trust, compatibility and respect play important roles. Love alone cannot keep the bond hanging for long.

Keep your perspective clear

All situations call for a check into each other views or perspectives. Keep a wide but positive approach with one another. Insecurities should be greeted with love and respect.

Talk openly

Communication can either make or break a bond. Talk openly with your loved one about desires, dreams and aspirations. Fears too. Your partner should be able to confide his deepest fears to you, build that comfort within your relationship.

Never create a fake persona of yourself

This is for those who are in the dating stage still. Don’t try being someone you are not as this will shake your relationship with the time to come.

Also, never lose yourself in a relationship. Be with a person who accepts the real you.

Letting go

If a relationship consumes your happy vibes and makes you feel low about yourself, its time to bid adieu. Relationships shouldn’t make you bitter, but better instead. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page
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