The love of your life, would want you to know this?

We might end up taking a balanced and steady relationship for granted as if we know them entirely. How about giving this some thought?

Have a look at these 8 facts you want your significant other to know. Everything can’t be portrayed with words when you get so habituated with each other’s company.

Read on and know more.

You are always in my heart and my mind too

Not everyone says this out loud but you should know that they are always thinking of you. Saying “I love you” many times may not be that achievable but they do govern the relationship. You make a major part of your other half’s soul and heart.

I am yours!

Your partner wants to make it to the top of your list. Work, family and close friends would obviously be on the priority list but with time, know that your partner wants to be on top too. Their tiny world is all about you.

You are mine!

Our partners do so much for us. Just the way they want to make it to the top of the list,  we want to be on their top list. They wake up thinking of us and go to bed thinking of us. They want to be around during success as well as every down with you. They deserve all the respect and warmth you have to have to offer.

You make them complete.

Your partner feels whole just because of you. They did not have that excitement before you walked in. They feel that they have conquered it all since the time they have shared their life with you. They feel complete.

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Making them a better person.

He/she makes sure that you always feel alright. They add efforts to be a better person for you. Not a single thing about them is to put you down. Hence, don’t forget to encourage them just enough so that they can do it all, better and nicer.

Needing your appreciation.

Make sure you appreciate your partner enough. They want you to admire them and appreciate all of them whole-heartedly. Encourage your significant other to do all things- big and small and be there for them, at all times.


Your partner has bestowed a lot of faith upon you. They trust you blindly and has confidence in all the decisions you take in life.

Hey, sunshine!

Your partner’s day without you is like no sun at all or a day which has no music in it. You have enhanced everything in their life. Life just gets better with you by their side.

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