The Minimalistic Way of Adding a Pop of Color to Your Eyes

Hello, my Dear Ladies!

Many times we like to add a pop of colour to our eyes, but I have seen that most of the women are afraid of adding such colours. I have come up with this tutorial where one can add a pop colour in a very less quantity and yet can look sassy. This look is fantastic for your workplace or daytime. One can never go wrong with this look as the entire look is so subtle and very less accent colour is there. I have tried to explain it most easily, but in case of any doubts, you can contact me anytime.

Products Used:

• Eyeshadow Primer from Smashbox
• Lorac Pro Palette
• Dipbrow from Anastasia Beverly Hills
• Kohl
• Maybelline Colossal Kohl- Turquoise
• Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara

Step 1

In the first step, you have to apply an eye primer to your eyes and blend it properly. This eye primer is added so that it gives eyeshadow the staying power, helps to adhere to the eyelid and also prevents creasing.

Step 2

For the complete and perfect look, you should fill in your eyebrow so that no irregular complexion appears on your eyes.

Step 3

From the Lorac Pro Palette, I chose the ‘buff’ shade.The lightest colour should be applied and is suitable for highlighting the arch area under the eyebrow.

Step 4

I had mixed the shade of cool grey and light brown from the same Lorac Pro Palette. At least a two shades darker colour than your skin tone should be applied like brown at the crease area.

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Step 5

Now, select a shade which highlights your eyes and is very ethereal and quite soften also. And apply it to the crease area on the eyelid. This time I have selected a soft peachy sort of shade and combined the shades ‘Nectar’ and ‘Beige’ from the Lorac Pro Palette.

Step 6

I pick the snow shade from the Lorac palette.To make your eyes appear more significant apply a lighter colour just at the inner corners of the eyes to highlight the area.

Step 7

With a slight wink apply a thin liner close to your eyelashes. As I want the entire focus to be on the ‘pop of colour’ I put a flat. Also, to give a good shape to my eyes, I have applied kohl from the outer corners to mid-eye that is in the outside area of the lower waterline.

Step 8

Now here we come to the most important part, i.e. adding a pop of colour to your eye. One can choose any bright colour but, I decided Aqua colour as the pop colour. Just like shown in the image add the bright aqua colour at the inner corner of the eye and blend it with the black colour at the mid of the eye.

Step 9

Finally now apply the mascara to finish the look.This should be done at last.

Step 10

Here now, you are ready to cheer with a pop of colour a profound look. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page
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