To do injustice to the requested task, the passive aggressive will do a lot of intentional errors. This will be to make sure that you don’t demand from them again.

Hostile persona

Such people believe that the people around are deliberately imposing a list of requests to him. They would hardly speak about their issues with the workload and just blame it over the additional requests.

Feeling of unappreciation

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They seldom feel that the other people are letting him down and are being against them making it difficult for both parties.

Using silent treatment

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These kinds punish you with silence. They don’t voice their objections but they choose silence instead. They would end up saying nothing is wrong even if prompted by someone. This puts every other relationship to the edge and punishes the one ahead of them.

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Getting in the last punch


They engage in getting in the last jab which leads to the other party thinking that an issue has been fixed only to know about the person’s hostile attitude.

Criticism vs. Compliments

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This is one vague habit of the passive-aggressive kinds. They may smile at you while saying something which would feel favourable in one instance but you would only understand later that you were under a veil. They are unable to speak their feelings out honestly.