These Expectations Vs. Reality Will Make You Laugh

Life is not always fair. Life also surprises us now and then when we least expect it. Sometimes in our lives, everything doesn’t go according to the plan, we may expect something else to happen, but the reality is different from our thoughts. Sometimes these differences between the expectation and the reality are laughable. Here we bring you some cases of hilarious difference between expectation and reality.

Lost Brothers?

Both of them look ridiculous. It can be easily seen that this a case of failure of following a do it yourself guide, but it surely succeeded to give us a laugh.

Never Believe The Advertising Image

This one is quite relatable to all of us. We order or buy something by seeing the advertisement picture but often end up getting something else in reality.

Leopard Eyeshadow…?

Online makeup videos look like it is easy to copy and create the same look on oneself. Whereas it is really difficult to replicate the look. After visualizing this image you might want to think before trying to pull out some look which may make you look different and everything but not stylish.

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