Tips to boost your hair growth!

Tips to boost your hair growth! 1

Do you fancy long hair? It’s finally time to achieve long hair. Get rid of the useless expensive hair products firstly to have stronger hair. There is a massive range of natural products that can improve the health of our hair. Poor nutrition, consuming less water, stress and bad hair care habits leads to hair loss. Let’s look at useful remedies that will help strengthen hair. It is not expensive and can be very readily available. They don’t have any side-effects, and they help you nourish the hair.

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Onion contains sulphur which increases the collagen production for restoring hair. It does have a pungent smell but when it comes to the health of our hair, its perfect. Onion juice can be squeezed and applied to the hair as a mask for magical effects!

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Coconut Milk

The milk of coconut has a lot of essential fats and iron which makes our strands stronger and lengthy. Squeezing some fresh milk out on our own is great.

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Mix the milk with lemon juice and rosemary essential oils. This will act as a perfect remedy for hair growth. Apply this mix and leave it for a nights time, rinse it off in the morning.

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Everyone is very much aware of this natural remedy. It is used to prevent loss of hair by ladies all over the world. Eggs have protein which helps the growth of healthier hair. It protects the hair follicles and takes away dandruff too.

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Mix half a cup of yoghurt and one egg. Apply this mask to the hair for 30 minutes. Repeat this treatment once a week for surprising results.

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