Tips to have amazing feet!

Tips to have amazing feet! 1

Healthy feet look pretty. With our busy lives, we neglect our feet a lot. They have to undergo an awful lot throughout the day. Excessive standing, endless running and walking around in that new pair of shoes can be extremely uncomfortable. So let’s look at these steps that can keep our feet beautiful at all times. Let’s pay attention to these six steps. Let’s get started.

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Dry feet

The fungus grows in areas of moisture. And you don’t want it raising on your feet. Keeping your feet dry at all times is the best way to prevent this. After a shower, wipe your feet thoroughly. Also before wearing shoes on. Don’t neglect this ever.

Trimmed toe-nails

You don’t do this frequently or at least regularly. Never trim your toe-nails too short. Make sure they are rounded at the corners.

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Healthy nails

We would have an effective remedy in mind if your toenails grew in. Soak your legs in lukewarm water with sea salt and use dental floss to clean the toenail. To avoid infection, apply an antiseptic. Until you see a visible improvement. Repeat the process. Go and visit a doctor if something isn’t going correctly though.

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Soaking your feet

Use sea salt or essential oil and soak your feet in warm water to get those soft baby feet you have always desired for.


Don’t forget to moisturise your feet regularly.

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Foot massage

To relieve your feet from a weary day, a gentle foot massage is perfect. Buy a special tool from the market or use some round object to roll it from the toes to the heels. The effect will be felt, strongly.

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