Tips to look younger in your 40’s

Tips to look younger in your 40's 1

So many women don’t look their age nowadays. Women who don’t make the best of the technological advancements given to them tend to resemble their exact age. A 40-year-old woman today refuses to give in to the old age; they look like they are 28. A lot depends on the genes, true.A healthy way of life is essential with combined self-care. A person who wants to look young should let go of bad habits and maintain a constant weight. So look at the below mentioned ten tips if you want to look more youthful. These surely help, and you don’t need any special procedure for this too. You would need time and patience, however, to get to the results.

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A smile makes you look younger and beautiful always.

Eat grapes

Grapes have sorbitol which helps moisturise.

Dress your hair well

Use volumising products and try lighter shades. The cute haircut makes you look young.

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Frame the face

Make sure your eyebrows are in good shape always.


Use a mild cleanser and a moisturising cream for days and nights always. Use thermal water to nourish your skin with vitamins.

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Dress well

Clothes are capable of hiding flaws and emphasising virtues. Don’t go for extra vibrant colours.

Care for your hands

Always remember to use hand creams and scrubs to exfoliate them, at least once in a week.

Eat greens and red fruits

They are abundant in Vitamin K and protect the skin from UV rays.

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Eat oily fish

Eat salmon twice a week to give your skin useful nutrition.


Exercise 4 times a weak to make your body healthier.

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