Treat your sagging eyelids in a minute!

None of us can pull off the perfect look all day long. We don’t like looking tired, especially when it shows too much on our face. Don’t we want to get rid of the tired and worn out look when we want to look nicer? Plastic surgery is an option, sure. But there are reasons like costa on other issues due to which people don’t do it. Thre are methods that can tighten up your lids. Let me talk about a natural remedy this time, few minutes and egg whites is all you need.

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Clean your face well. Get rid of the makeup and be 100% clean. Start working on the mask after this is done.

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This mask has just one component- egg whites. You need a nice fresh egg. Separate the yolk after breaking it. Take a cotton pad and soak it in the egg white and brush it over the lids gently. Don’t get any of it in the eye as it may irritate.

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Keep the eyes shut until the whites have dried up thoroughly. It will take few minutes, until then, just relax. Wash it gently when you know its dried up. Do it carefully as the lids are sensitive.

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Look into the mirror after washing your eyes off. You would be surely amazed by the drama it created.

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