Treating and Preventing Heartburn Without Seeing A Doctor

Isn’t heartburn term that is very common today? 80 % people experience this during the nights and almost 40% experience it once a month. So how do you relieve it? It just takes a few habitual changes that help treats this; the answer is very simple.

We have put up a list of simple things to get away with the issue of heartburn. Do remember to read the bonus points towards the end of the article. Our grandparent’s most preferred method- using baking soda to treat heartburn is still very much in vague.

  1. Sleep in the correct position

The way you choose to sleep every day does matter. People suffering from problems should choose the left side of the bed to sleep as it helps in good digestion of food. Sleeping with the upper body elevated prevents the acid in the tummy to flow up the food canal. Raising the head by means of a pillow is not good too. Opt for a wedge-shaped pillow or another way to lift the head up to about 6 inches.

  1. Keep an eye on what you eat

For preventing heartburn, avoid consumption of trigger foods. You should avoid alcohol (red wine especially), coffee, citrus fruits, chocolate, garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppermint and other related spicy foods. Stay a mile away from junk processed food always. The better things that reach the belly, the better our body can digest it.

  1. Keep a check on how you eat

“Never inhale your head”. Chew well, eat slowly and categorise your eating habits into smaller divisions. Don’t have 2 big meals during the day. Have 5 smaller ones rather and don’t consume anything which is extremely cold or even hot.

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Wait for a span of 2 hours before resting on the bed after eating. Never run to the fridge during the night hours.

  1. Care for your body well

Give up on heavy drinking habits and smoking. Try losing weight rather. A healthy body implies that the body can stabilize the gastroenterological processes.

Losing some kilos can help treat heartburns to quite an extent. Excess fat can put extra pressure on the stomach, causing fluid to go up, and that’s how it works on treating heartburns. If no other ways of life can help fight heartburn, consult your doc and find ways to get BMI below 25 at least.

  1. Superfoods? Know them well.

Know your enemies, true. But know your allies too. Superfoods can definitely stand by your side to prevent heartburn. Veggies, non-citrus fruits, ginger, oatmeal etc. are some of the known superfoods. These don’t trigger acid reflux, help the good functioning of the digestive system and are less in calories. There is no reason why you should exclude fats from our diet, however. You could simply choose easy, healthy options. You could find them in sunflower oil, walnuts, avocados and flaxseed. During an attack of heartburn, sunflower seeds are a great remedy.

  1. Avoid wearing tight clothes

Tight clothes and belts can put extra pressure on the abdomen. It can also cause a rise in the amount of fluid in the belly and it sounds surprising. You might want to consider your wardrobe once again. What makes you truly beautiful is being healthy and feeling good.

  1. Stress levels should be lowered
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Stress itself might not worsen the heartburn problem but is surely a trigger. Stress can make us more susceptible to physical discomfort. So to put down this issue of heartburn do all that you can. Do some yoga, enrol yourself in a dance class or get a cute pet.

The bonus:

The remedy for heartburn is almost similar to the old times. It’s still relevant and safe.

Many reputed specialist and sources recommend baking soda to fight the symptoms of heartburn, but there should be a number of things you should be aware of-

  • Taking a high dosage of anything can increase acid production and make symptoms worse.
  • When you’re full, taking a baking soda can cause gastric issues.
  • If you’re on a low sodium diet, don’t use baking soda for treating baking soda. Half a teaspoon can contain one-third of the recommended sodium intake on a daily basis.
  • Pregnant women and children under the age of 6 should not consume baking soda.

Do remember that baking soda is for quick relief and shouldn’t be consumed for a long term. Consult a doctor if the condition persists or worsens. So here are at least 7 medical ways to treat and prevent heartburn. Make correct life choices and take daily effort, it surely helps.

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