Try this 7 day weight-loss to lose 3 pounds.

Try this 7 day weight-loss to lose 3 pounds. 1

One of the most popular ways to shed kilos is through the very trending military diet. This diet can let you lose around 8 to 11 pounds in a weeks time without any harsh exercises and medications.

If you need to prepare your body for a wedding or some special occasion, you can try this diet. This diet is inexpensive and saves the extra cash you could end up losing. Trying this diet for a months time would make you lose up to 30 pounds. So there is a lot you could do to transform yourself into this not so difficult diet plan.

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As there will be involvement with constant heavy loads, military diet is strict. The soldiers receive three meals a day during combat training. Desserts are banned totally. You should have 7: consumption of water, at least 8-10 glasses every day. Tea and other related beverages are not recommended when following this diet. Lets read on to know more.

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Day 1: Eat fruits but no bananas. Have cabbage soup for lunch.

Day 2: Eat veggies. You can have cabbage soup and boiled potatoes or any other vegetable you want.

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Day 3: Mix vegetables and fruits, but skip potatoes and bananas.

Day 4: Today is a milk and banana day. Eat as many bananas as you like with 3-4 glasses of milk for the day.

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Day 5: Eat tomatoes, poultry, fish or meat. Don’t eat any vegetable. Consume 12 glasses of water this day.

Day 6: Eat rice, beef and vegetables. (But no potatoes)

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Day 7: This has to be a vegetable and fruit day. Eat any vegetable you like in any way- fresh, boiled, baked or juice!