Try this oil mix to get thicker hair!

Try this oil mix to get thicker hair! 1

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Let us talk about an oil remedy which will help you give thick hair if you use it regularly. If you suffer from hair loss problems, use this oil instead of coconut oil alone. Let us look at the prep.

Homemade Natural Hair Oil For Thick Hair

You will require:

  • Almond or coconut oil
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Tea tree oil

Homemade hair oil ingredients


Firstly, cut the garlic into small pieces. One batch will require 2 large cloves. Take an onions quarter portion and chop them finely.

Add the pieces to the oil and heat it gently.

Don’t let the oil before time. You can hold the vessel a little above the flame in such conditions.

Step 1 of homemade hair oil for strong hair

Stir the mix until the onions become translucent.

Then, put the gs off and let the oil cool down well.

Put few drops of tea tree oil and mix well.

Strain the mixture and use it as per requirement.

Step 2 of homemade hair oil


This remedy can last for over a week’s time. Use it like you would use any regular oil.

Let the oil stay for one hour minimum or for one night.

Shampoo, as usual, to wash the oil off.


Garlic promotes regrowth of hair. It reduces hair loss and removes toxins present in the scalp. The allicin in garlic helps to increase the circulation of blood stimulating growth. It also helps fight dandruff.

For a healthy scalp, tea tree oil is perfect. It also helps to remove dandruff.

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