Vaseline can do these amazing 25 things!

Vaseline can do these amazing 25 things! 1

Skincare through Vaseline

I’m sure almost each one of us has used Vaseline or has at least heard of this product. You might have used it to ease out your dry skin or to make your toes softer. Can you believe that this versatile product has now been around for a long 140 years?


This is the current state of my Vaseline jar. This must be enriched with Vitamin E, but it surely doesn’t make quite a difference as compared to the ordinary one. It just made me happier when I purchased it.

Vaseline was brought to the market to obstruct air, water or moisture away from cuts or wounds. Now, this is becoming a beauty staple in almost all homes for the following reasons:

  1. Vaseline helps prevent chafing of skin because of cold or harsh winds
  2. Vaseline helps to get rid of lice. It can help destroying all lice if a thick layer is applied to the scalp. This might require numerous washes however to get it off completely.
  3. It can help relieve burns
  4. Vaseline’s consistent application after a bath can help get rid of dry skin or patches.
  5. It helps get shimmer and shine to bags made out of leather. Also, makes leather shoes shiny. It is not really efficient as it may attract dust particles later.
  6. When used every night, many people claim that it helps promote the growth of healthy lashes and eyebrows. It is a very slow method, however.
  7. Homemade lip gloss or lip balm can be made from Vaseline. Many recipes and techniques can be found online for the same.
  8. Ever seen the white powder forming on the battery terminals of your car? A small amount of Vaseline application after rubbing out this powder can be applied. Take some warm water and wet cloth to get rid of the powder before application. This retards rusting and corrosion.
  9. Want your perfume to last a little longer? Apply some Vaseline on the pulse points and wrist. The fragrance can then be sprayed to keep it for longer.
  10. It can help treat dry tough skin, soften calluses if applied overnight.
  11. To avoid that unsightly lipstick marks on your teeth, rub some Vaseline on your teeth. A tiny amount should only be used. This trick is often used by beauty pageants.
  12. If a ring is stuck on your finger, use Vaseline to lubricate. Now pull off the ring with ease.
  13. You can treat sensitive or brittle nails by application of Vaseline with some glycerine.
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Vaseline can do these amazing 25 things! 2

  1. Apply tiny amounts of Vaseline to the mouth of new polish bottles to prevent it from getting dried up or stuck, the next time you use it.
  2. A little Vaseline on your eyebrows can help it look well groomed. Excess use of it might make it look greasy, especially looks messy when you sweat.
  3. A new tattoo can create irritation and itching often. Vaseline can help heal this.
  4. Apply Vaseline along the hairline and the rims of your ears to avid the colour to touch the skin and stain it when you try hair dyes at home.
  5. If you want to preserve a carved vegetable much longer, apply some Vaseline to the exposed edges. This will mar the decomposing process for quite some time. Don’t do this if it has to be consumed later, however.
  6. Apply some Vaseline to the insides of a candle holder before putting a candle into it which will prevent it from staking to it.
  7. Want to get rid of some lipstick stains off your fancy napkins? Put some Vaseline on it and wash them off.
  8. If you are out of makeup remover, don’t stick to your regular face wash. Use Vaseline like your remover and then wash off your face with that face wash. Your skin would be thankful.

Baby Nappies

  1. To prevent a nappy rash, put some Vaseline on their bottom before putting on a fresh diaper.
  2. Chapped lips are healed with Vaseline
  3. For softer lips, apply some Vaseline with an old toothbrush and brush it onto the lips for better exfoliation. Wipe this off with a soft wet cloth.
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vaseline petroleum jelly

More about Vaseline:

Vaseline is basically known because of its association with petroleum jelly. It has been known to cure certain ailments and has to be one of the best-marketed products. Vaseline is also producing lotions, balms and creams. In a regular tub of Vaseline, only petroleum jelly can be found. Founded by a New York chemist in 1860s, it was first brought to the market in 1870.

Petroleum jelly? What is it?

Also known as soft paraffin, this jelly is a combination of mineral oils, microcrystalline waxes and paraffin. It has a very low melting point and hence fills the gaps forming a lipid barrier. It can keep the skin from naturally losing moisture to evaporation although it doesn’t really add any moisture. It can mark a protecting barrier on the skin by keeping cold weather and wind away. The jelly is a by-product formed during the production of oil.

Also known as petrolatum, it is considered to have certain carcinogens which cause cancer. However, the petroleum jelly we find in the tubs of Vaseline goes through various refining processes before it reaches us.

According to the European Union, petrolatum has to be refined as it’s derived from oil. Some of these refinement processes are hazardous and toxic in nature. A notable component PHA (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) has been connected in a way to Cancer. The refining process helps eliminate these contaminants. So the product Vaseline isn’t carcinogenic and it never shall be.

And what’s with the ban in EU?

The Cosmetics department of the EU has recognised all factors and has not banned any petrolatum straight away. A wide range of products sold in the EU does contain petrolatum. According to the EU restrictive laws, “the refining history of the product is carefully seen and proved that the product being sold doesn’t hold any carcinogenic substances before being sold out to the market. Petrolatum has to meet these standards. No researches have yet stated that cancer and petrolatum are closely linked. Carefully refined ones, however, have no cancer in them!

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Thus Vaseline is safe to use on any part of the body under any climatic changes. Don’t use it for internal uses though.

Ingesting this jelly, however, can cause diarrhoea and related stomach issues. So never consume a big blob of it. It’s an amazing wound healer and balm too but don’t apply it to fresh cuts or burns. It might make the situation a lot worse.

Make sure that the jelly is manufactured by a well-trusted brand and it’s been reviewed and approved appropriately. If it’s our regular Vaseline jar, no worries at all.

Let’s get going!