Watch out for these signs in a relationship!

There has to be no doubts and anxiety in a relationship for the couple to be happy. Some couples, however, are not meant to be. You should be strong enough to distinguish between toxic and painful relationships from those which are actually healthy.

Relationships play a crucial part in our lives. You are sure to be disappointed if you don’t gel well with your other half. Not every person is ready to change his bad habits or ways of living, just for a relationship. Disrespect, hostility and irritability is something which can get a relationship down in no time.

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There is constant competition

As a couple, both of you should develop and grow in harmony. It is not a race.

Your energy feels drained

If you are facing weight loss or you have gained weight, you tend to sleep less, you should know that someone is sucking the energy out of you.

You tend to feel guilty

In a toxic relationship, your partner will always look at your flaws instead of looking at his own actions in the first place.

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Changing for him

Your partner would constantly throw random hints at you to change or compare you with others in an unhealthy relationship.

Your partner is obsessed with himself

He is unable to empathise with those around him.

Holding hands can speak a lot about your relationship.