Weight loss tricks that work and the ones that do not

1. The weight loss ride

Losing weight can be a frustrating process, for those who have tried. It can get difficult when the people around tell you random things all the time.

Let us talk about some tips that do work.

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2. The juice cleanse won’t last long

Juice cleansing can be super trendy but they do not work over the longer run. You would lose some weight in the initial weeks but would you do it over a year? You will get back to the same weight when you start consuming solids.

3. Make your own meals

We all crave some good Chinese after work. Yes, it is delicious and all. It is an easy way out, definitely but cooking your own meals can save you money and is healthy.

4. Don’t obsess over the calorie intake

For some people, this turns out to be an ideal method. For some, this can turn out to be obsessive. This will lead to an eating disorder which is dangerous.

Eat until you are comfortably full, don’t stuff yourself.

5. Find an exercise that you can enjoy!

Not everyone can go to the gym. If you like swimming, sign up at a local pool nearby and get into the habit. Few laps every week for a couple of days should work. Walking more than usual can work well too.

6. Skip those trending diet

Fad diets can be tempting as every other person is trying it. Fad diets will keep getting replaced every week won’t be able to switch so often. Choose a diet that serves you right and stick to it.

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7. Limit the consumption of processed food

Whole plant foods have to be one of the healthiest diets you can opt for. It doesn’t mean that you thrive only on salad but you should start consuming greens often.

Throw some spinach into that smoothie, you would not even realise its in there. But hey, it’s super healthy.

8. Drinking only water cannot help you

Water is essential and vital for your existence, so yes, do consume enough of it. But as water can be boring, you could go for…

9. Try Green Tea

Green tea works marvels and it does taste a little better than water. Apart from being packed with anti-oxidants, it can burn some calories. The little amount of water in it is just right and can help your weight loss routine.

10. Deprivation won’t help you

We are humans and we can crave some junk at times. Do listen to your body and don’t go too hard on yourself. Don’t do it too often too, so that you lose all that you have gained so far.

11. Prep your meal

Heard of meal-prepping? It works great as you can cook something on Sunday and then have it ready for the week. Freeze everything that cant be eaten right at the moment.

12. Make a list before going for grocery shopping

Meal prepping will need some planning. Look up some fun recipes and list down the ingredients you will need. No shopping list will make you grab random things at the store.

13. Health comes first, health later

This will make sure your body can sustain longer. Looks might seem everything at a young age but when you grow older, you would want to value health much more.

14. No point in checking the weight so often!

The number which displays on the weighing scale has nothing to do with your happiness. If you feel content, your clothes fit you better, then you have achieved something! Dont weigh yourself more than once a week.

15. Find sustainable options

Thinking out loud, your diet isn’t a diet at all. It has to be a lifestyle for you. Eating some chocolate or taking an off for a mental health check, is something you should consider! Stick to a routine that you can thoroughly enjoy, to be happy.

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