What your nightwear says about you!

Women love shopping, no matter what age or mood they are in. Our daily wear for various occasions is given a lot of thought. Our choices depend on the way we want to live our lives. We choose our night wears too. How do we determine the right clothes for slumber time? It could depend on the person we are spending our night with but let’s talk about the pyjama choices here more than the underwear. We have laid down a funny quick for you here. You would know something about your personality. Read on to know more.

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Girls who have a soft and supple character will always tend to buy the same pyjamas, soft and nice. They love travelling, and parties too. They are socially active and have too many friends.

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Women who like being complimented will often sleep in translucent short nightwear. This flaunts their feminity, and they adore attention. They don’t give up on showing off. And they want men to admire them.


Wives who love comfort would often be seen sleeping in children’s pyjamas, which are vibrant and colourful. They refrain from things that won’t last long. Their husband is a real protector, and they have faith in this. They can be trustworthy and never fail when it comes to family.

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Unpredictable ladies who are confident and independent love sleeping naked. They don’t stop at any obstacles in life. She cannot forgive hypocrisy and tries to stay away from intriguers.

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