Why are new-age relationships so fragile?

So many of our friends are undergoing a string of relationships. Is it better to stay single then? It can be better than going through heartbreaks. So here is the gist of the so-called new aged relationships.

Not giving the relationship enough time.

We want everything at one to go in the new-age relationships. You should give it time to grow and develop, and people need to be flexible enough to adjust. You will have to compromise or even sacrifice until the relationship matures. Time becomes crucial at such times.

Being confused with our feelings.

Who likes the boring life? We want someone who can add color to our dull lives. Someone you met at a club or cinema is good, but he won’t be around when you need emotional support or understanding.

Love and- no difference.

When will we start making love away? Having love making before marriage is as easy as ABC in today’s date. Open relationships, friends with benefits or one-night stands are becoming the thing now.

Defining a bond with logic.

Explaining love through logic doesn’t last. But it does define logic in this new era. It is not math, for god’s sake. The most challenging difficulties could be overcome by couples if the love between them is pure.

More virtual time.

Technology does bring us closer. It becomes easier to connect with those who have gone far away. It is crucial to be there in actuality with your partner. No texts or calls could ever replace that.

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Fear of settling down.

Settling down can cause a lot of anxiety amongst the new gen. If we always hunt on for the next best thing- we will not be able to achieve any amount of permanency in life.

Not appreciating our partner enough.

We tend to not care for someone who is there for us. We also care very little about falling out. You have to learn to embrace warmth than to show a frozen heart.

Scared to fall in love again.

We all get hurt at some point. No one is perfect, and we will have to go through heartbreaks, disappointments, and wounds to learn from those feelings. You should let people in and not build too high walls around you.

What makes you think the new gen relationships are fragile? Tell us!

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